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Preparing for Your Backflow Test

The four most important things to keep in mind are that we need equipment to be readily visible, accessible, and operable, with water available for testing. If equipment isn’t ready when we stop by, we will most likely need to schedule a second service call, and the cost for this will be your responsibility.

Please make sure the valve box for the backflow assembly and any upstream shutoff valves are 100% visible, with the equipment inside fully exposed once the box is opened. Plants, landscape materials, trash bins, etc. should be cleared from the lids, and any soil or other debris in the box (except for easily removable/replaceable insulation) should be removed for a clear view of the equipment inside.

We want to make sure we can promptly access the equipment and freely move about the work area as we test. Some common access barriers are gates and fencing; covered valve boxes; buried box lids or equipment.

Flooded boxes: if the equipment is partially or completely covered with water, please let us know. Additional service charges apply to pumping out vaults or valve boxes.

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