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  • hot tapping


  • backflow


The hot tapping procedure is a means of permanently adding an outlet to an existing system without disruption of service.



Any connection or potential connection between the potable water supply and a source of contamination is called a cross-connection. Irrigation systems, bypass arrangements or other temporary arrangements through which backflow can occur are considered to be cross-connections. Backflow, the unwanted reverse flow of liquids in a piping system, is created by two basic conditions backpressure or back-siphonage.

  • line stopping

  • turnkey solution


Allied’s Turnkey solution is immediately ready to use upon completion and is designed to fulfill a certain process such as welding, valve replacement and or other pipe modifications. We have certified welders and master plumbers on staff ready to perform your pipe modifications, so you can keep your crews on other projects.

line stopping

Line Stopping is a cost effective way to maintain, modify and repair various types of piping systems without shutting them down. Some applications include replacement or repair of existing valves, damaged or obsolete mains, and creating a permanent or temporary bypass to an existing section of pipe or line while maintaining flow in the main.


The application of industrial pipe-freezing programs in both commercial and public institutions calls for stringent safety at work disciplines. Allied Flow Specialists’ Safety Policy is based upon these rigorously implemented principles which meet and exceed, when necessary the operational pipe-freezing guidelines that are accepted internationally. All of our technicians are OSHA 30 certified, as well as pass vigorous drug screening policies to insure each job site is as safe as possible.